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An op-ed for a new outlet the South China Morning Post, this time exploring the Sino-Pak relationship. A fascinating topic that I have touched upon before within the context of Afghanistan, but I think would be worth a close exploration in its own right at some point. It is behind a firewall so I cannot simply repost it here, but to those who are interested you can get a free subscription to the site in a few clicks. Alternatively, drop me a line and I can see about getting you the text. In the meantime, a flavour:
The West should take care not to push the two long-term allies ever closer
Raffaello Pantucci
May 31, 2011
As relations between the US and Pakistan came underincreasing strain following the killing of Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil, Pakistani President Yousaf Raza Gilani visited Beijing. There, Premier Wen Jiabao lavished praise upon Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts, handed over 50 fighter jets, and told Gilani “no matter what changes might take place in the international landscape, China and Pakistan will remain forever good neighbours, good friends, good partners and good brothers”.