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Bit of a departure from usual activity, this is an animated interpretation for the website The Conversation of some of the lone actor work that I have been involved in. The numbers and detail of the work comes from the Countering Lone Actor Terrorism (CLAT) project that involved a range of excellent research institutions and colleagues (who are captured in one of the images). A HUGE thanks and applause is due to Wes Mountain who did the animation and was immensely patient with me in producing it.

This aside, spoke to Sky News for a special about a terror case in Manchester with links to the Manchester bomber, and the broader question of the terrorist threat to the UK linked to Libya, and for Canada’s Perspectives with Alison Smith on CPAC about what to do about returning foreign terrorist fighters.

Comic explainer: what is lone-actor terrorism?

Wes Mountain/The Conversation,Ā CC BY-ND

Security services and governments around the world remain vigilant to the threat ofĀ lone-actor terroristsĀ in our cities.

But when thereā€™s often no indication of an explicit intention or ideology, questions about mental health and with groups like Islamic StateĀ willing to encourageĀ and claim responsibility forĀ almost any attack, how do we define lone-actor terrorism?

In this comic explainer, Raffaello Pantucci, Associate Fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation andĀ Director of International Security Studies at RUSI, explains the theory behind lone-actor terrorism and what we know about lone actorsā€™ effectiveness, motives and behaviours that could help us to better understand and disrupt future attacks.








Rachid Kassim is quoted from an interview with Jihadology.

Junaid Hussainā€™s quote is from court documents.


The full Countering Lone-Actor Terrorism Series is available at theĀ Royal United Services Instituteā€™s website.

Illustrations by Wes Mountain for The Conversation.