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While undoubtedly this is all going to get buried by the Obaminator – my last piece for CII got picked up in an insurance trade paper. So for those who don’t read them, here it is…


UK Insurance Institute Says Insurers Can Help Mitigate Terrorist Risk

The insurance industry can play a key role in preparing businesses for the terrorist threat according to the global security think tank International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in the latest Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Thinkpiece entitled “Responding to the terrorist threat: Implications for UK businesses and insurance.”


This is a longer one off piece that I have done for the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), it draws on work that I have contributed previously that we have done for other parts of the insurance industry, on home-grown terror in the UK, and terrorism in Southeast Asia. This analyzes the threat, offers some thoughts on what business can do and some description on how the insurance industry works in these matters.

Here is the finished product, am not pasting any of it below, as it is all a pdf: