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This article makes a similar point to my earlier one in EU Observer (, but is instead in more direct response to one in the current Europe’s World journal by ( – apologies again for all the links, but unfortunately, am still having trouble posting properly.

Anyway, these piece have also attracted some media interest including this piece: – which is an interesting news outlet that I would commend to any readers.

Europe’s real AfPak problem is that our politicians have not convinced public opinion
Summer 2009
by Raffaello Pantucci

Shada Islam presents a sensible, if perhaps overly optimistic, view of European objectives on “AfPak”. It is hard to disagree with many of her fundamental points, in particular that greater coordination on Central-South Asia would be a boon to European and American interests in the region.

Unfortunately, the reality is that such coordination is still lacking and we are unlikely to see a greater push under an EU banner. More European involvement in any sort of “civilian surge” would be welcome, but will be unrealistic until the security situation is stabilised.