Chinese Investment in Afghanistan

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Quoted
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Another radio piece, this time in English, for something called War News Radio an independent US channel. Focused on my thoughts on China-Afghanistan, a subject I have looked at a bit and will try to look at more once I come up for air from my current workload.

WNR Top Story: Chinese Investment in Afghanistan

U.S. Geological Survey geologist Mike Chornack scales a hillside during a site survey outside Sukalog, Afghanistan, in hopes of finding strong metallic minerals, which may result in mining jobs for Afghans. (U.S. Marine Corps photo) 

A 2010 report by the US geological survey and the Pentagon reported that Afghanistan may contain nearly 1 trillion dollars worth of untapped mineral deposits.  This mineral wealth has the potential to transform the country, and foreign investors are eager to exploit this investment opportunity.  Caroline Batten has more on one specific country’s involvement – China.
(download mp3)

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