Al Qaeda 2.0

Posted: December 12, 2008 in Survival
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This is possibly a bit of a mean post, as the article is not necessarily accessible to all and sundry. However, if you write to me, I can try to find some sort of accommodation (this will also help me see how many people actually read this). In any case, as a tempter, it is a journal article for Survival ( and is a review essay of three recent books on terrorism. Brynjar Lia’s Architect of Global Jihad, Johnny Ryan’s Countering Militant Islamist Radicalization on the Internet: A User Driven Strategy to Recover the Web, and Libicki, Gompert, Frelinger, and Smith’s Byting Back: Regaining Information Superiority Against 21st Century Insurgents. I pull them together to give an overarching narrative about Al Qaeda’s evolution from being a bunch of guys in caves in Afghanistan, to a 21st century terrorist network and affiliated groups.

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